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Spheres of activity

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Spheres of activity

Design department

The professional team of designers produces sections of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage of any complexity. In cooperation with large architectural organizations of Ukraine, BRILLION Company is developing designs of heating, ventilation and conditioning for the most outstanding projects in the country. With a powerful information base and highly experienced spesialists, the design department of BRILLION Company is a powerful driving force of the whole organization.

Equipment department

The basic directions of the department's activity are the following: developing concepts of climate creation for large construction and reconstruction objects; offering different systems; selecting equipment directly for the object; providing innovative solutions for energy saving.

Heating department

Heating department deals with design, installation and putting into operation of boilers, heating systems, hot and cold water distribution for offices and residential buildings. Using direct deliveries and thorough approach, the department carries out all the works connected with pipe installation for heating systems, hot and cold water distribution, water supply and sewerage with further tests and start-up of equipment installed.

The service centre

Makes guarantee and after guarantee repair, and also maintenance of heating, ventilating and refrigerating equipment.

BRILLION Company projects ground on the basis of the latest developments of the main world's manufacturers of the climatic equipment. Qualified personnel, certificated installers and employees of the service centre are the major factor of the company success.
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